Bath Safety

January is National Bath Safety Month

Did you know 80% of elderly falls happen in the bathroom?

If you are worried about the risks for yourself or a loved one in the bathroom, whether it be slipping, tripping or falling, connect with your medical professional to determine the best accessibility method of your personal needs. F26ent falls at our care center, read our press release regarding our Falls Reduction and Prevention Project here:

Here are a few tips for bath safety:

1.) Reduce Bathroom Clutter

2.)Keep things needed for the bath within arms reach.

3.)If you take showers, use a hand held showerhead.

4.) Use a weighted shower curtain to help prevent water from getting on your bathroom floor.

5.) Install Grab Bars.

6.) Install non-slip mats.

7.) Use a non-slip shower/bath chair.

8.) Consider installing a walk-in tub.

9.) Ask for help from a caregiver.

10.) Keep your bathroom pathway clear. “