Executive Leadership Team

“Use your talents, do your best, contribute. Make a difference, because you can.” –Bonnie L. Mohr

Executive Leadership Team

Carol Raw
Chief Executive Officer/President
(320) 589-4917

Cami Peterson-DeVries
Vice President of Senior Services
(320) 589-4918

Chad Meyer
Vice President of Behavioral & Developmental Services
(320) 589-4915

Roxanne Hejhal

Vice President of Human Resources
(320) 589-4903

Mari Chambers

Vice President of Finance
(320) 589-4910

Kelsey Stock

Kelsey Stock
Corporate Compliance Director
(888) 657-5463

Reed Hofmann
Vice President of Information & Systems Security
(320) 589-4904

Mark Rentz
Vice President of Fund Development & Marketing