Mission & Values


Expressing Christ’s love by providing care that values every human life.


Our Core Values

Integrity: We adhere to high principles and professional standards.

Commitment: We dedicate ourselves to those we serve.

Respect: We value and treat each other with compassion and dignity.

Excellence: We have the passion to do our best.

Service: We contribute to the wellbeing of others.

Stewardship: We wisely manage all resources God entrusted to us.

Our Origins

Since its origins in 1963, St. Francis Health Services has provided services to the aging. Presently our services include assisted living, home healthcare, a full range of therapies, senior housing, skilled nursing care, and community and residential services to people with developmental and mental disabilities and mental illness.

The dedicated and highly trained staff of St. Francis Health Services’ first-rate, remarkable facilities delivers the highest quality care. The Board of Directors and staff of St. Francis Health Services are deeply committed to meeting the challenge of today’s population by providing choice and creative alternatives in the delivery of healthcare services.