Congratulations to Amy Lhotka, our PR & Marketing Director on 3 years!

Amy has been on a path of continuous growth and learning in her role at St. Francis Health Services. She is willing to research any topic she does not have solid knowledge of and sharing with her coworkers what she learns. She takes initiative and is quick to offer assistance; readily available to troubleshoot issues that come before her.  She is sincere and thoughtful and seeks to find the best in all who work with her.  As the lead on all things related to public relations and marketing for St. Francis, she has successfully transitioned outdated social media, introduced knew software, tools and systems and grown her department to a valuable asset for all of St. Francis. She has implemented a system of marketing reviews to improve customer communications throughout St. Francis and was invaluable during the Covid pandemic.  She is dedicated to St. Francis Health Services, our mission and core values, showing by example integrity, commitment, respect, excellence, service and stewardship. She is a team player, but more than that, appreciates that collaborating with others is necessary to    successfully complete a project.

Thanks so much for all you do on behalf of St. Francis Amy.  We appreciate you! 

-Carol Raw

Carol A. Raw, CEO/President