Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have enough personal protective equipment (PPE) for residents and staff?

A. We have sufficient personal protective equipment at this time. We continue to monitor our supplies.

Q. How are you keeping residents and staff safe?

A.  In addition to visitor restrictions, residents are social distancing, wearing masks when outside of their room, all group activities have been canceled and we have currently suspended communal dining. Staff are completing full vital signs daily on our residents. Temperature checks and respiratory assessments are being done on separate shifts.

All staff are being screened before coming into work and are required to wear face masks and eye protection in our communities. We have provided staff with additional face masks to wear while off duty.

Q. Can I visit my loved one through the window?

A. We welcome window visits, but ask that you call ahead to schedule the visit. This is to ensure we have staff available to assist your loved one to the window and provide use of an audio device if needed. Please do not open the windows during your visit to ensure the safety of our residents and staff.

We also encourage alternative means of communicating with residents such as phone calls, Facebook, Skype, etc. We have obtained additional equipment to meet the demands of these virtual visits.

Q. When will I be able to visit my loved one in person?

A. We continue to evaluate visiting restrictions. There is discussion at the state level regarding when these restrictions should be lifted but we are encouraged to stay the course knowing those we care for are at higher risk for developing more serious complications.  The Minnesota Department of Health is gathering data from the implementation of expanded testing as to the level of ongoing community transmission as part of its process to potentially revise guidelines in visitation. We do know that any decision to lessen visitor restrictions will be accompanied by requirements to protect our residents and staff and prevent potential transmission of this virus. 

Q. Are you testing all residents and staff?

A. Many senior living communities in Minnesota are conducting entire site testing of both residents and staff. The priority for the entire site testing has been those locations where there has been an outbreak.  Throughout this pandemic, we have followed governmental guidelines and test residents that display symptoms similar to the Coronavirus-19 symptoms or have been exposed to employees who have been directly exposed in their personal lives to Covid-19. As of today, none of those tests results have been positive for Covid-19. In the event we do get a confirmed case in our care center, we are prepared to complete entire site testing. Residents and family will be consulted prior to any testing.